The client is an avid traveler with an eye for good artwork. Some of the interiors are fashioned for the pieces picked up in the course of his travels. A visual drama is created by means of natural lighting from the open courts reflecting the outdoor quality. The large windows in every room flood the space with natural light and provide views of the outdoor green breathing pockets making the house lively and cheerful. A large floor to ceiling bookcase takes center stage in the library area. Some of the interior spaces in the house were narrow and deep making the light a pressing issue in these spaces. To overcome this challenge, glass blocks were used to construct the walls of these spaces. Bright colors like limes and yellows were used to brighten up the interior. Hence, as opposed to conventional homes, this one has its living room on the first floor and bedrooms on the ground floor. A well-designed staircase descends from the living room on the first floor to the library space on the ground floor which becomes the heart of the home.