We were requested to provide an open plan layout with workstations flanked by cabins, conference, meeting rooms and a recreational area. Our focus while fulfilling the program was to provide for a feeling of openness and light. The curved and skewed dividers and walls were kept intentionally low so as to keep the visual flow of the high ceiling free. Office was converted into an energetic meeting point where a cafe and resource room prompted an exchange of ideas between employees over a cup of coffee. The workstations were designed to enhance teamwork and interaction. There was a great stress on innovation and customisation, so we designed the workstations as fan-shaped clusters made out of metal, perforated stainless steel and glass. The main lighting system suspended from the ceiling was also developed for the space.

The palette of materials; Exposed concrete, brushed stainless steel, and maple wood were peppered with colours of orange blaze and lime green. The shape of the walls, dividers, and the workstations suggest action, visual flow and dynamic movement.