The design brief was patently straightforward, barring a few breakout spaces with the freedom to improvise and innovate. While the Reception brings a whiff of fresh air by way of design and material selection, the Convention Centre is a holistic space with a sporadic resilience to adapt to assorted space configurations. A Cutting-edge, efficient design of built-in sliding folding partitions plays a pivotal role in rendering the desired flexibility required in that zone. As the layout of the proposed office stays true to the previous formats – the division of spaces, the wooden fabrication and typical glass partitions, it is close to being a reflection of the floor above. The adept ambient lighting undergoes a complete transformation particularly in the center facilitating various lighting moods driven with state-of-the-art controls accompanied by efficient acoustics. Recreating the prototype workspaces with the addition of innovative and radical spaces is significant to the design and influential in the development of the character of the new office.