This apartment is designed with an adaptable and open arrangement. Re-moving dispensable walls between rooms and replacing them with objects optimizes space. The interiors while minimal yet intricate in detailing, are embellished with a subtle collection of textures and materials. By opening and closing, sliding and folding it up, the home is restructured, expanded, fragmented, connected or isolated. Each utility core is materialized either in stained birch plywood, natural oak or an epoxy cement finish each defining the characters of the spaces in which they present themselves. The spaces have their own unique character and definition while at the same time do not compromise on the feeling of spaciousness. The interactive layout of the apartment allows you to walk around the house in multiple ways. Every room has at least two ways to go to another, giving an illusion that there are many more rooms than there actually are. The complexity of spaces prevents a quick and easy mental map of the apartment to be formulated, encouraging one to explore the house in different ways.